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No other project of eitle filme needed 3 years to be released
- but the major movie 2010 sets new standards -
at least in this area.


But you, you egg, missed it - the premiere in the Hollywood Megaplex St. Pölten.

But it is not to late: Also you can seeParkus Mohanka, on DVD,
when he welcomes his audience live from the state studeo in Neulengbach -
serios reports guaranteed!












News from todayNeulengbach:

2011-06-20: The DVDs are available in the eitle online shop (Area eitle filme)!
2010-12-12: Official Premiere in the Hollywood Megaplex.
2010-12-05: The trailer is online!
2010-11-29: eitle filme announces the new major movie project "today Neulengbach".
2009-07-02: Nearly every week we are rolling!.
2008-01-01: Official decision to realize the project "today Neulengbach".
2005-12-27: We are working at a script for a film which is not definied in any way - but it will be a news show.