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eitle philosophy

Foto: cake at the premiere of the flowerchildren












eitle filme does spontanies and long time planned
films. Our main goal is to produce as cheep as possible
and fun at work.

Ther are no-budget projects in which all the work - from
us and from helping people - us done without any payment.

On the other hand there are low-budget projects in which
the work is done by a little payment. If you need a little different video for yourself or your
company in which you want to be involved more or less, you are in the right spot!

In contrast to our first films we are working now with semiprofessional equipment - say hiqh
qualitiy 3-chip cameras and external microphones.

The in October 2006 completeted studio A offers now also the possibility to be creative without time pressure
or high costs a acceptable result.

In short: there are exclusive films for small bussines and privat persons available now!

If you are interested in beeing involved in front or behind a camera feel free to contact us!

Note: eitle filme is no official division of "alles Eitle" but a hobby of Daniel Schmatz and manny voluntary..