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eitle history

The history of "eitle filme" is a very short one. It started 2004 in the "eitlen gameroom" as Daniel Schmatz observed the shooting of the "RFK videos" from Alois Kozar.

2012. 1. january A really big project startes: "2012".
2010, 12. december "heute Neulengbach" is viewed the first time in the Hollywood Megaplex St. Pölten
2008, november 2 live recordings are done by "eitle filme": "Lehrerwahn / leerer Wahn" and "Don Juan kommt...".
2007, 15.december "the flowerchildren of the world" is premiered in Kinocenter Tulln.
2006, 16. december The premiere of "the Eitle Lifestylevideo III - Eitle Computer" with big tamtam in the "Eitle Gameroom".
2006, 27. october The Studios A is finished: "Annie´s Room".
2005, 19. november Daniel Schmatz desides to shoot his first side movie: "why is there no video about the 7. RFK shooter tournament? - the video" as Alois Kozar cancelled his recording.
2005, 29. october "the eitle Lifestylevideo I - the eitle Gameroom" is premiered to a small audience which is filmed also and as special on the DVD.
2005, 13. august The film "the eitle Lifestylevideo II - the eitle Gamebus" is premiered.
2005, 28. may Daniel Schmatz observes the shooting of the "RFK shootertournaments" and decides to make a movie hisself. Therefor he asks Alois Kozar for help.
2004 Daniel Schmatz gets his camera back.
2002 Daniel Schmatz gives his camera away since he doesn't use it.
2001, march Daniel Schmatz buys his first camera: a Canon MV30i.

photo: Agnes Maier and Ben Meyers while rolling "streng geheim".